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This, plus a few chapters in my book. Hooray for Anthro Classes! I love this stuff. Have four lectures (can’t save those, unfortunately) and an hour long video. Sinopoli – 1991 People, Plants, and Animals in the Past Archaeological Dating, Staeck 2002 Vulnerability – Global Environmental Change Evolution of models to support community and policy   Read More …

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We covered the birth of stars today. It was neat. Protostars start out as a huge gas cloud. It’s amazing to think we can learn so much just by observing things. Will post lecture later

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Today we had a test.

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Lectures: Parts 9, 10, 11, and 12 – Classification and Osteology, Systematics & Classification, Osteology, Primate Classification [ca_audio url=”″ width=”680″ height=”27″ css_class=”” autoplay=”false”] [ca_audio url=”″ width=”680″ height=”27″ css_class=”” autoplay=”false”] For some reason, I forgot to time-stamp things today. The lectures were still recorded, but I won’t be able to correlate information appropriately. Notes: Primate Classification Ancestral Traits: No post-orbital bar, five digits, divergent orbits,   Read More …

Quiz Today. Did the correct Prelab. Astronomical Funding was the topic today. joy of Joys. Notes: (Pre) – Checked information for Prelab 10:08 – Verified work from Distance to the Stars 12:00 – Quiz