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Lectures: Parts 1 and 2 – Slideshow 4 – Protein Synthesis and Mutation
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In our lab today we did a demonstration of DNA sequencing. First we made the complimentary (second) strand for a DNA helix. Then we wrote out what the mRNA would look like to duplicate that gene, after which we used it to create a sequence for the tRNA. Then we took the resulting codons and anti-codons and used them to retrieve the proper Amino Acid names. I liked it, but I don’t expect to have gotten 100% today. I was very distracted and I had loaned my uncompleted lab paper out to someone so they could xerox a copy, which left me about 20 minutes into the lab before getting it back.

As for the lecture, my notes start at 44:00 because I was in a meeting at the Disability Office.


(pre) Make sure to listen to everything prior to 45:00 while viewing the slideshow.
44:00 Mendelian Genetics: aa = Homozygous and Recessive, AA = Homozygous Dominant, aA or Aa = Heterozygous.

Genotype: The genetic makeup of an individual.
Phenotype: (Didn’t get this information)

47:13 – ABO blood type system:
Genotype:   AA–AB–AO–BB–BO–OO
Phenotype: A—-AB—A—B—-B—-O
Alleles: A & B are Co-Dominant, O is Recessive.  (Does “O” produce a protein? No, it does not.)

55:30 – Bennett Square (probability. Each square is a divisible percentage of 100.)

60:00 – Genes are sorted into gamates independently of one another for Mandelian Genetics. (Eyes, for example, are not governed by Mendelian Genetics) Genes on the same chromosome are said to be linked.

–> Laws of segregation and independent assortment. <–

Discontinuous variations are binary while continuous variations are not. Mendelian traits are always discontinuous.

–> Simple Mendelian Traits are controlled by 1 gene at 1 locus with two alleles of which 1 is dominant and 1 is recessive.

How do we determine genetic information // coding for things with continuous variation?

73:00 – The Modern Synthesis (Genetics were added to evolution) and “Neo-Darwinian Theory”
Multiple genes at multiple loci with man alleles and partial dominance.

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