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Today was another presentation day. The instructor has yet to actually teach a class. Although she did actively participate in the “discussions” today and even volunteered information from portfolio that a previous class had done. It looks like she keeps all of them in a cabinet. It also looks to be that these portfolios and student presentations are: a.) the only source of information she uses other than her own experiences and opinions, and b.) are graded according to whether or not they fall in line with her beliefs, not according to the information presented. Still hate this class, loathe the instructor for being such a pitiful sham, and have complete disdain for the fact that he/she is considered a worthy teacher; but at least I know the amount of bullshit I will have to regurgitate to get a passing grade.


(Pre) – Nothing.
16:10 – Class Start; Pass out evaluations. Again, self-evaluations of teamwork. Stupid.
18:12 – Linguistic Sexism in Alcohol Advertisements
19:07 – Degrading females for male-oriented ads: faceless women, women are conquests
19:58 – Instructor interrupted. This happens frequently, but this was of note because there was more information on the slide that did not get presented due to her interruption.
23:18 – (Is that really degrading, to portray a woman as a hard worker and me as fat, lazy, slothenly, creatures of disgrace?)
24:10 – Women: Feminine wiles vs. innocence and/or party-girl
25:00 – (Did it not briefly display the male as an item of conquest in the commercial? Was his arrival not the reason for the commercial to change from innocent fun to sexualism? Was he not a conquest in the same manner that the male was pictured earlier?)

26:39 – Youth oriented shows (Where did these statistics come from? Isn’t Iron Man 2 Rated PG-13 for violence, sexualism, alcohol-use, etc? Shouldn’t it fall to the parent to explain that Tony Stark is an alcoholic? That humans, by nature, use alcohol as a (inappropriate) coping mechanism, in this case the death of his father?)

41:36 – Effects on populous
43:29 – “Obvious Sexism” should have limits, especially in advertising
53:05 – Video Games, 60% to 1% Male to Female sexualization ratio (Again, where are the statistics from?)
54:30 – Ignorance, parenting, ratings, questions
56:00 – Stopped taking notes, this class is not even bothering to teach things. Where are the facts to support these arguments coming from? What research? What studies?

71:09 – End of class

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