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Lecture Powerpoint: Evolution of a Low-Mass Star

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Mostly workbook stuff today. Covered Low-mass stars. Kind of confused on the lifecycle of stars. The workbook uses specific verbiage while the powerpoint shows something else entirely.


(pre) – Recommended DAV from J.
18:07 – Lecture starts
18:45 – Helium Flash at 100 Million Kelvin. Approximately 10% of the star’s mass is blown off.
20:00 – Loss of a greater amount of the star’s mass will yield a hotter, more dense star, Loss of a less amount of mass will yield a cooler, less dense star.
20:30 – Fuses Helium into carbon: HE4 + HE4 –> Beryllium8. Beryllium8 + HE4 –> Carbon12

23:55 – Workbook Page 74

50:00-ish – Review of Workbook pages.

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