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First thing’s first, download the DVD image by clicking here.

Then burn the image to DVD. Don’t know how? Here’s a handy guide.

Finally, place the DVD in your computer’s DVD-ROM drive and install Windows. When it asks you for a product key, use the one that is affixed to your computer.

Make sure you do a clean install, formatting the disk before installation. It will erase all data from your harddrive, but will also ensure there are no further updating problems.

After install, run windows update. Don’t install anything else until after you’ve run Windows Update.


Windows Vista and above comes with Windows Defender pre-installed. It is all you need. Seriously. It does a daftingly good job. Installing a third-party antivirus or firewall can inhibit your connectivity, open unnecessary ports on your system, and use system resources that you’d probably rather have dedicated to games or videos. If, for some reason, Windows Defender is not installed, you can obtain the latest copy from the Microsoft Website.

I know, in the past, I have been a staunch advocate of anything but Microsoft, however: they make a good end-user product for most people’s needs. Unless you’re browsing porn by the gigabyte, intentionally testing and running malicious code as a network quality assurance engineer, or attempting to access hacking and warez websites, there is no need to run anything else.

Trust me. I’m a professional. 😉

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