Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

Our stories and the things we believe in can best be described as a mythology, or a collection of stories, that shapes how we interact with this world by granting us knowledge and wisdom with which to conduct ourselves and instruct us on how to live as an example for others. They record our memories and the history of our people; help us to survive in unknown and dangerous situations; and enable us to pass on the things we have learned to our children. In short: we can avoid making the same mistakes in the future by using our understanding of the past.

And what a future it will be! There are over 1,824,000,000,000 days left in the future of this Earth, and many more on other planets that haven’t yet been discovered!

With each new day comes many fascinating situations, some of which you might not feel ready for. Sometimes you will feel lonely, abandoned, and confused – thinking of a solution or a way out will be the only option. At other times, it will seem like everyone has  come forward to offer you help and advice: direction in your time of need. You will have more options than the number of digits on your hands. Try to think of these options as paths you can walk that will lead you to where you want to go.

Our family’s path, and the Gods we follow, come from thousands of years of songs, stories, and history about our people. It leads us into and out of the heart of battle, can comfort us in the depths of our despair and sorrows, and it teaches us to celebrate the joys of life with song, drink, and spirit.

In exchange for these lessons, and the gifts they impart, we honor the gods and our ancestors on special days throughout the year. Each of these days, and the rituals and traditions we perform, all play an important part in remembering the things that came before us and in preparing the way for the things to come after.

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