Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

Cold and bright the solstice dawn breaks
through the doorway of the passage graves,
Time out of mind the stones have stood
marking the nadir of the sun’s journey across the sky.
Placed by our ancient hands, with stone on stone
they were shaped and pulled from the earth’s embrace,
And with magic raised upon sacred land.

And at this time of the solstice,
A figure waits within the tomb.
He waits in darkness, and stillness,
For the coming of the dawn,
The rising of the Sun,
And the footsteps of his brother.
Whilst the Awen is sung.

Oak King
Brother, what is your name?
Holly King
Not hard to say,
I am Arawn, Lord of the Waning Year.
I am the King of Holly.
I strip bare the leaf-ridden trees.
I bring darkness to this land, and peace.
I banish the warmth of Summer
And welcome the iciness of Winter.
And you my brother, what is your name?
Oak King
Not hard to answer,
I am Hafgan, Lord of the Waxing Year.
I am the King of Oak.
I bring bud to leaf,
bring life to the Earth,
I banish the cold of Winter
And welcome the warmth of Spring,
Brother, where do you come from?
Holly King
Not hard to say,
I come from Annwn, the Otherworld,
And in your time of greatest power I am born into this world of Abred.
I ride on Rhiannon’s horse to claim my throne,
Laughing with the Wild Hunt I ride through the night sky.
My cold breath makes way for the coming of the Cailleach
And the land is bathed in the beauty of ice and darkness.
Whilst Annwn blossoms, in your sustaining warmth,
So Abred has peace, reflection, and renewal,
Guarded by Orion of the Silver Belt.
And you my brother, where do you come from?
Oak King
Not hard to say,
I come from Annwn, the Otherworld.
And at the time of your greatest power I am born into this world of Abred.
Called by the singing of the Birds of Rhiannon,
The warmth of my breath and my seed awakens life within my Queen
And the land is bathed in the beauty of our love.
Whilst Annwn is ruled by Winter and Ice,
So Abred blossoms, caressed by the heat of my gazing eye.
Brother, what power is yours?
Holly King
Not hard to say,
I give space to thought
And renewal from death;
Bring rest to life,
And transformation to your crown of green,
I light the inner fire, and the hearth,
And quicken the heart of the beast.
My Bards are the stillness of the winter sky,
The reflection on the water,
The tears of the ice.
Life returns to that place whence dreams have come,
Lovers lie before the flickering fires of their hearths.
New life is nourished as my Lady strips bare the branches,
as she lays her cloak across the land.
And you my Brother, yield you what power?
Oak King
Not hard to answer,
I lift the saddened heart, Bring life to death
And shape the hidden green,
Giving flight to birds and insects,
My Bards resound upon their wing.
My orchestra plays music within the wind.
Life returns, in that space where thought becomes dream:
Lovers walk upon the warm earth,
And lay under the stars, the Sun, together.
And I am here my Brother, to take my crown.
Holly King
Then take this crown, but know this before you begin your rule:
My frost will form, my touch will turn
Leaf to earth, dirt to stone
Turn the fields to hardened mud,
And I will cool the oceans.
For although you take the power of light.
I retain the mantle of Winter.
Until your Lady joins you again-
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