Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

These are the materials that were sent to me for my son’s fourth grade Sex Education and HIV Awareness. Not bad, not bad.

My biggest concern is that there is nothing regarding the changes females go through. How on Earth are the kids supposed to understand pubescent changes, sexuality, or it’s risks if they don’t have (in the very least) a functional understanding of biological sex(es) other than their own?

Well, at least the majority of the information being presented on HIV is up to date. They skipped out on discussing blood-to-blood transmission in favor of blood transfusion, but that’s something I can easily rectify on my own.

Healthy Teens, The New Me: About Boys Video Script – Boys, Grade 4

Growth and Development Script, Lesson 1 – Boys, Grade 4

Sexual Abuse Script, Lesson 2 – Boys, Grade 4

HIV/AIDS Presentation & Script¬†–¬†Boys, Grade 4

Myths and Facts Script – Boys, Grade 4

Lessons for Healthy Decisions – Boys, Grade 4

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