Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

Today I went to physical therapy again. Katie was very efficient. I’ll try to remember the name of her intern the next time I’m there. After I came home the kids and I went to Madagascar 3. It was a pretty neat movie, so far as kid’s movies go. The circus scene was awesome. I’d love to see that sort of thing in a real circus. Alas, the laws of physics prevent this from happening.

Kayla had a really bad headache today. It’s one of many, and they’re quite serious.  I’m beginning to thing she should see a doctor, but every time she wants to go she’s stopped having them. This worries me.

I’m at 177lbs again. Not good. I’ve been eating because I’m depressed. I should be happy, but I feel like everything is a sham. It doesn’t help that Geoff has been reinforcing this thought pattern. I keep trying to fight it, but it’s an uphill battle I’m losing.

Hallucinations have been overbearing. To the point that I don’t want to play with my kids. They’re covered in blood and gore, and that’s not really easy for me to ignore. Some days, it’s like my mind has waged war on me.

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