Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

The house is disgusting. It’s covered in bird shit, cat vomit, and dog hair. The floor is dirty, the trash needs to be taken out, and it’s going on almost two weeks without her washing her own clothes. She keeps piling blankets and sheets on the bed to the point that I am am literally falling off of the edge during the night. I can’t vacuum because of all the stuff she has on the floor and the only reprieve I have is to take asylum in my childrens’ room. I need my medication. I still haven’t received the new medication from the VA and the prior authorization process for modafinil is taking forever. It doesn’t help that they just got the paperwork in on Friday due to CVS screwing up.

Then there’s all the shenanagains with school. My English professor is an idiot that would rather have someone cater to his ego than actually teach me something useful. My CIS class is a joke, with every other page being full of product placement. I contacted Pearson and they assure me that no one was paid. I asked them if anyone was compensated, not paid: there are other ways to compensate people. Stupid. I hate stupidity. I hate people that manipulate and try to withhold information or skew the facts in order to hide things.

I’m having a really bad time. I picked a fight with Kayla last night over how she treats me. I had no right to do so. I’m just in a bad way and I took it out on her.

I hate being in this position. I don’t even want to participate in this world anymore. It seems like everyone is out for themselves, and no one cares who they hurt to get to it.

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