Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

Visited the Urologist today. My Doctor was Rahul Mehan¬†(fb). He was really informative with me about the usual procedure, and went into details about variations that he can perform. When I asked him about other methods (like clipping and resin) he admitted that he doesn’t normally perform that procedure, but he is happy to refer me to a specialist in California. He then gave me his card and asked me to email him for more information when I got home. They sent me home with a massive packet on how the procedure works and what to expect. He also flat out told me not to get the operation based on the stuff we talked about.

No school today. Had a lot of energy, but didn’t accomplish anything. Over-ate due to lack of self-control. She ordered tasty greek pizza with lamb. it was¬†phenomenal, but I was over my caloric allotment by 30. After adding in the pizza to the mix, I was over by 790 calories. Damn.

No homework today. Perhaps tomorrow. Kayla has plans tomorrow for the hairdresser, but I’m free most of the day. Will do my homework then.

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