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Today my daughter hit another kid. What’s more, I told her she was right for doing it.

She is a good kid. So good, in fact, that when she’s in transit to and from school the bus driver sits the kids that are misbehaving next to her. Today, the bus driver moved a kid that was being a royal pain from the back of the bus to sit with her.

Unfortunately, that didn’t change this 1st grader’s behavior. He grabbed my daughter by the arm and started shaking it, hitting it up against the seat in front of them and the seat behind them. She started yelling for the bus driver, “Maria! Maria!” but the bus driver couldn’t stop the bus because the were in the left lane of Chandler Rd by McClintock. So my daughter reared back and hit him. He started crying. He also left her alone until he got off the bus.

Maria came out of her bus and told me what happened. She made sure to let me know that Amaris was hadn’t done anything wrong and that she wasn’t going to report anything about her. I thanked her and checked on my daughter – she was fine. I let her know that I’d show her how to defend herself without hitting when we got home.

When we arrived home, I showed Amaris how to break a hold, and gave her four steps:

1.) Tell the person stop. Don’t be nice about it. If someone is hurting you, you tell them stop.
2.) Yell for help. Don’t just yell, if you know someone there, call out their name.
3.) Pull away from their palm with one hand while pushing with the other.
4.) Wedge your thumb under theirs and push it back toward their hand. It may hurt, but they will let go.

 Then, I told her, if none of those work, hit them. I told her how to make a fist, and to aim directly to the left or right of the nose because  it’s really sensitive. After each instruction she practiced them, then we did them all in order, to make sure she could remember them and do them quickly.

I’m damn proud of her.

We went to a pool party tonight. It was a lot of fun. Before we left, we went to Target and picked out gifts, which was awesome all on it’s own. Then we had dinner and headed out.

The kids had a lot of fun. A LOT OF FUN. I met other parents. Some were old. Some were cute. The whole shindig was fun. And the other parents were very surprised at my kids helping to clean up afterwards. They behaved really well, especially considering this was their first big event with kids from school at a non-school function. Once again, I am proud of them. Just all over proud of the way they handled themselves today.

I’m a fucking proud parent today. God damn, I have awesome kids.

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