Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

I’m dropping by MCC advisement tomorrow for some help with college transfers.

The plan was to get an Associate in Applied Science for Library Information Technology and move to a undetermined BS, then to a MLIS at one of a few, select, universities.

The problem with this is that practically none of the LBT coursework is ever available. I made a course schedule but I can’t put the library science courses in because they just aren’t there. Not to mention that most of it is completely non-transferable and will take extra time I don’t really have.

So, I checked the Credit Transfer List at the University of Maryland. Two or three of the Core Classes won’t transfer, but what kills me is that NONE of the Library Science coursework will transfer. NONE. So now I’m looking at just a transferable AA, which sets me apart from no one. Bah.

Hopefully advisement will have some time for me tomorrow.

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