Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

“…or I’ll break your legs!”

I’ve watched an entire branch of heredity whither and fall from the tree: starting at the most fragrant blossoms, decaying backwards from the leaves, and stopping just short of the trunk.

And now, left with empty hands idly grasping at memories before they, too, disappear; there is that ever-present moment of self-doubt: Silently regretting thousands of instances where time could have, somehow, been made more valuable – each smile more important and each tear more worthwhile.

There is no cure for the heartache of loss, and no amount of time ever truly grants reprieve from the emptiness; only the tolerance to endure such sorrows.

I will miss you, despite the animosity often felt. I understand: the responsibility was mine. You took me in, charging me with the care of your youngest daughter. Your daughter who I grew to love and care for, whose effects on me and how I live my life were dramatically altered by the simple act of knowing her. A woman so radiant and brilliant that she just could not be contained in this world. Her love so great that it could not be a part of the anger and violence we dwell in.

That, Patty, is the legacy you will leave behind. Not a family of blood, but one of bonds formed in love. My children will grow up knowing the names of you and yours; they will be firm in understanding the influence your family left on me. Your daughter opened up my heart and gave me doors to leave the world I was born to. Your sister and her husband are the inspiration I draw upon in raising my own children. You have shown me people that can care without regard to personal history and baggage.

Thank you.

Erin Kay (Marsh) Johnson
October 25th, 1983 – September 26th, 2007

Tara Eileen Bryson
September 20th, 1985 – October 13th, 2008

Katherine (Bryson) DeSantis
October 9th, 1960 – July 10th, 2011

Patricia (Patty) Bryson-Marsh
January 6th, 1963 – October 26th, 2012

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