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This is a letter I just sent to Jim Butcher. Well, I sent it to his publicist and his agent in hopes that it will reach him. I think he should know how much of a difference he made. Of course, I’m a bit brunt, and talk too much, and can’t just outright say thank you.

Perhaps I should just hit him with a loaf of bread? .grin. Yes, I did just drop an Izzard reference.

Letter follows:

Hello Jim,

I know this letter is going to get to you eventually…  …I hope. Of course, if it doesn’t, I can always re-send it in a few months. Because only the Government, Lawyers, and Vogons have more paperwork and beuracracy than Publishers.
I don’t know if you get this all the time, but I just wanted to extend to you my personal thanks for being a writer. That path is a long, hard, pot-hole filled Oklahoman Freeway in quaint disrepair. I won’t go boosting your ego with a compliment like “This is the best thing I’ve ever read” or “Your writing changed my life!” I’m not that kind of person.
I will tell you, however, that reading your novels has provided me with a great amount of entertainment. It has also provided me with a way to take a break from my surroundings, and so few authors can do that anymore. I’m pretty sure I can count them on my hands.
Good writing – the text that rankles the tidbits of a mind and frees it from the shackles of reality – is not just about prose at it’s finest. It’s about using the right words at the perfect moment; setting the metaphorical topspin on the cue ball, and putting on a show that gently sets the hairs on the back of your neck standing, then rips them out; exposing that naked surface to the brisk, cold air.
That is something important to me. I am Mad. Not angry, simply crazy. Schizophrenic to be exact. So getting that break and being able to lose myself inside the characters of a book instead of the hallucinations in my head is something that has helped me drastically over the past few years.
Yes, I mean you. You, Jim Butcher, have made a difference in someone’s life. Not a major, life-changing difference, like running me out of a burning building, or catching a baby panda that just fell 30 stories to it’s would-be doom; but a difference. On bad days, I can just pull out a random book and get lost in that characters problems and relax. I can sit down to read and ignore all the other things in the room.
Reading your books has made a big difference in my life. It was after reading your books that I developed enough self-confidence to return to college. Why? Because I now know that, even when days are rough and I’m rocking back and forth, singing songs to keep the voice out; I can almost always pull out a book and retreat to a place where the story is already outlined for me.
So, I guess I wanted to say thank you. I’m a bit long-winded. Sorry. You should have seen this before I edited it. Also, the grin on my face upon realizing that.
I went out and bought Cold Days. It’s the first book of yours I’ve been able to afford (and not borrow, oh the shame). I tore through it in a single night and am re-reading it again. And probably will do so at least once more in the next few days, just because I can.
Before I finish my fanboy-ish drabbling, I wanted to also let you know, I really liked the Codex Alera series. It seemed, well, better. It’s on my to-do list for ownership because I want to dissect it and use it as literature. It’s not just a good story, it’s a great story. It’s a great story and I hold it in high esteem, alongside others like Lawhead, Bradley, Goodkind, Donaldson, and Baxter. Not that Dresden isn’t good, it is. Codex Alera just seems to be of a different caliber.
Anyway, I’m sure you’re quite ready to be finished with this by now, but I just wanted to thank you one more time. All praise aside, I really enjoy your work. It has been a gift, reading it.
Your fan (not to be confused with a Thermantidote),
-Dismal Moron


Side note: I’m going skydiving on the 15th! Hooray!
Skydive Phoenix  is helping out Wounded Warriors and sponsoring Disabled Vets to jump out of planes! Because the air at that altitude helps our bodies and minds to heal faster…. …No?  I don’t know. …  Alright, it’s because they are doing something nice for us broke dicks. And I appreciate it. Just joking about so the laughs will push out that uncomfortable feeling that occurs before you JUMP OUT OF A PERFECTLY GOOD AIRPLANE! .smirk. Like I could resist that opportunity?

No, I really am grateful. Finally got approved for Vocational Rehabilitation, getting good grades. Got my Caregiver to head back to school for her Veterinary Tech Degree! (Awesome!) .muses momentarily. Did the Devil Dash (#186). Going to jump out of an airplane (#70). I’m clearing the bucketlist, slowly but surely.

Alright, night folks.

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