Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day.

With the heavy rain, we had some ants come in the house, so I was going to take my time and clean up, then spray to kill them. Kill them dead. That is, until I was notified by Sara that Luciene had “injured” his arm while playing soccer today at school.

He was playing goalie and the other kid kicked the ball so hard that when he went to block it his wrist broke. Awesome!

They had called me. They had called Kayla. They had called Sara. Somehow, they got Beverly’s phone number and called her. She called Sara. Sara called me. .applauds. Well played, fate.

Sara dropped by to pick me and and we went to his school. He was sitting in the Nurses’ Office, calm as a clam, with an arm looking like this:





He isn’t crying or yelling. He’s not smiling and definitely in pain, but hasn’t passed out or freaked out. He’s normally a bit…  …sensitive, so I was surprised. However, on moving it he said ouch.

It was a low-grade howl, with ouch being drawn out like sour notes on a cello. Understandable. We slowly walked to the car and buckled him in. I explained why it didn’t hurt, so long as he wasn’t moving and we talked about the things he liked to distract him.

When we got the the hospital, they rushed us past intake, placing him in a wheelchair and performing triage. After that they tried to give him intra-nasal fentanyl. Which worked fine for the most part.  That is, until they attempted to put his hand in the traction device:







That boy screamed bloody murder. The nurse was very relaxed about it, but the Doctor was being a bit brusque. Tool-ish, even.

They came back a bit later with another drug and an IV.  Man, that stuff put him right out.








Anyway, he’s in a splint and we get to see the Doctor tomorrow for a referral to the Orthopedist. Hooray! In the meanwhile, enjoy some photos of the X-Rays.





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