Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

Today I kept Luciene home from school and we went to get his cast on. He, once again, did really well. The only time he yelled was when they had to reset his bone. It wasn’t initially set perfectly because the Emergency Room was only concerned with eliminating pain until he could see an Pediatric Orthopedist. (NOT complaining – that is their job. No hating on the ER, people.)

Here’s the pic of his bone, prior to being re-set; not too shabby.

I drew a line on there to show how the bone was angled. Obviously, it should be straight for healing. He decided that he’d like to have a cyborg design on his arm, so I told him to pick a color that was cyborg-y. He chose black. Neat!

Of course, the second we left the office he wanted people to sign his cast, only to realize that colors don’t show up on it. So we made a white “screen” for people to sign on in color. He also helped lay out designs for what he wanted to do on his cast that made it cyborg-ish. Here’s the end results:

Glad that’s out of the way. He’s doing much better now, although he is bored out of his gourd. The doctor has him restricted from…. …everything. Poor kid.

Amaris is having some jealousy issues because I’m having to give some extra attention to Luciene. I think, tomorrow, I might pull her out of school and spend some quality time with her. Sometimes a little Father-Daughter time goes a long way, you know?

This weekend I plan on doing all my English assignments so that I don’t have to focus so hard on schoolwork during the winter intercession and I can spend more time with my kids. Aside from that, I’ve been doing a strict training regiment for Tough Mudder. Had to re-schedule skydiving, tentatively in January. I was faced with the choice of taking care of my kid or doing something fun: that’s a no-brainer.

I’m doing well in Math so far.

Tomorrow is Yule. I didn’t have the money I expected in time to buy all the gifts I wanted to for all the people I care for, but my kids are taken care of and they had a bit of money to buy stuff for the people that matter to them. They bought a gift for Sara and her boyfriend and they bought some small gifts for Kayla. There were only a couple of things I couldn’t get them this year, but all-in-all I’m pretty satisfied (Telescope, Binoculars, and a Snap-On Electric Science Kit).

I will conclude this by wishing you all a wonderful new year.

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