Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind


If you’re here, chances are it’s not by mistake.

My name’s Dismal Moron. I’m a bit off. More than a bit off, to be truthful.

I’m what the monsters write in on the edge of their maps. The world is a million things to me, full of creatures and things that defy the laws of nature and physics. Some days I can remember things that have happened here and now, other days my time is spent wondering whether my memories are of another life in another time and reality.

Time isn’t a line for me. It’s just a multitude of possibilities. Some are less likely than others, and my life is based around sorting out what was a possibility and what is reality to the rest of the people in the here and now. To you, each day comes and goes. To me every day is merely one of a million that’s been lived through before and will be lived through again.

This site helps me: It’s a cognitive aid of sorts. Recorded here are events, people, ideas, and anything else important that has happened in my life. This is a repository of information, so that on the more troubling days I can refer back to it and gather some understanding as to what is going on.

The artwork on this site is gathered from around the internet, mostly cached images. It visually represents the way things look for me. Every day I wake up, and I see things like this. Sometimes they are scary. Other times they just don’t make a lot of sense. Most times I just try to ignore them.

Sometimes the things I see offend people. Often times they don’t like reading about themselves from my point of view. My apologies in advance for this, but please bear in mind that this is the blog of a mad man – someone who’s dropped off the deep end – and as such cannot be taken strictly as fact, but rather as interpretations of a multi-faceted truth.