Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

Below is the design I thought of to create a holographic watch. It’s based on scaling down the idea for the 3d holographic projector interface.

The main difference between this and other 3d interfacing technologies being developed is that it is, with the use of properly generated magnetic fields and charged particles, able to create a true 3d model, and not just a projected image.

Upon activation, the flexible LCD scree will roll back and a magnetic field will push the beads of Iron Oxide upwards. Through direct manipulation of this main field and a subset of smaller fields, you can create a 3d model that the image will project upon.

With research, mathematical models can be developed to shift and re-align the beads of Iron Oxide to simulate movement. This, in combination with the image being displayed on the 3d model, will create a true 3d experience.