Indistinct Mumblings of an Unsound Mind

Idea: Contact Lenses with Dilating Pupils
Purpose: Cosmetic / Special Effect

One of the main problems with contacts is that you can always tell whose wearing them because their eyes don’t look right. Especially color contacts – the iris is always way too large because it can’t open and close like a normal eye. It’s just an overlay.

Transition glasses – the ones that go dark to protect your eyes outside then become transparent on coming indoors – this idea is based on those, but in reverse.

First, create a photo-chromic film that is sensitive to UV light, but instead of darkening, it goes transparent. When not exposed to UV light, it gets darker.  Then put it on a contact lens, over where the retina would be.

The result would be a contact that looks dilated when it’s dark and not so much when it’s light. It would be more realistic. Have 3-4 separate, concentric circles that react to differing amounts of UV light. As the lens is exposed to less UV light, more of the concentric circles fill in.

This would be particularly handy for special effects lenses that are supposed to mimic things like cat eyes or other animals. Even differing shapes could be created that would look much more convincing.